Need A Vehicle Valued?

Anywhere in Australia, Automo Valuations is able to assist anyone with access to the vehicle and a digital still or video camera.

Welcome to Automo Vehicle Valuations’ webpage. This new facility is intended to promote our automotive services to private and commercial users in all parts of Australia.

No longer do vehicles need to be physically inspected in order to provide a realistic valuation. Every mobile telephone now includes a still and video camera so good that they will provide all the visual information we need to value a vehicle located anywhere in Australia.

As you will see if you scroll to the ‘What Does It Cost’ section, a Desk Top valuation is not only faster and more convenient it also is more cost effective.



Other Features of the Site

The world is changing and for a lot of people that means access to motor vehicles is becoming more difficult. Access to vehicle finance has become very difficult and as more people join the ranks of the unemployed this can only get worse.

At Automo we have also suffered a decline in our business but rather than paint the fences and shampoo the dog we have been busy producing guides to vehicles which can be bought without access to commercial vehicle finance.

The automotive industry may like to demonise older and cheaper vehicles but that was in the days when more of us could afford new ones.

In reality many used cars in the market at less than $10,000 or even $5000 are of good quality and as safe for drivers and occupants as many brand new designs.

Obviously a vehicle that has been on the road for 15 – 20 years will need careful inspection so we have also produced detailed guides to evaluating any vehicle you are considering. If it passes this initial inspection we strongly recommend a full mechanical check by a licenced vehicle mechanic.

You can find all of this information under the ‘Buying Cars in Tough Times’ tab.


During inspections, Automo Valuations will assess and photograph your vehicle. We then compare its condition with others in our data-base, sold recently in Australia or throughout the world to determine its current value.


We are in constant contact with specialist motor traders and auction houses here and world-wide. Automo does NOT undertake mechanical inspections or verify the authenticity of a vehicle. However we can put clients in touch with organizations that provide these services.


No job is too large. In 2008 Automo was appointed to provide valuation services to ‘Champions Brock Experience’ – a collection of 60+ vehicles, many of them raced by ‘King of the Mountain’, the late Peter Brock.


  • Agreed Value Insurance
  • Pre-Accident Values For Vehicles Deemed A Total Loss
  • Family & Other Legal Matters
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Advice

What Does It Cost?

  • On site valuation Brisbane Metro area $165 GST inc.
  • Desktop valuation Australia wide $99 GST inc.
  • Bargain buy desktop valuation $72.50 GST inc. (private sale vehicles below $10,000)

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